Pablo Picasso - "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

Da blog
I write songs
The book on ethics is coming along
Don't forget the apocrypha
What was lost?
Admire my sciatica
I might code for food
since iPhoNetics is so wildly profitable
His Holiness The DLama (can't get theah from heah)
My mirror of HHDL
Sam Harris
The photographic evidence
study Mandarin with me!
not that I've given up on Thai, just Thailand
other links
old school

You might be listening to The Jaded Dogs (Matt Mairs and the late Lars Kefferstan) with very special guest Michael Henderson. To date, the greatest thing I've produced.

Me resume
Anything new in me mp3s?
I dabble on blogster a bit.
The Made on Mac blog was a brief but beautiful glance at Siam.
Thailand BC (Before Chicken).
Me facebook
and a proxy that might get you there in case you live in China too.
else go home?

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