Matthew Mairs, MSc

(China) 18721463028
(US) 2177781604
mmairs at mairs dot net


A knowledgable and diverse IT professional with great breadth and depth of experience.  Qualifications range from network design to systems administration, and professional experience varies from solo consulting to departmental directorship.


Networking Hardware

ADC/Kentrox, Apple, BAT, Bay, Black Box, CAC, Cisco, 3Com, Digital, EZ, Hewlett Packard, Nortel, PC-compatible, RS-6000, SUN and Tylink - Arcnet, Ethernet (10 MB-40 GB), Serial (IEEE-1394, USB, RS-232, RS-449 and V.35), Token Ring (4MB and 16MB) and Wi-Fi

Networking Software/
Operating Systems

AIX, Ansible, *BSD, Cisco IOS, GNU/Linux, Kerberos, LANtastic, (Open)LDAP, Novell NetWare, Solaris, SunOS, VMWare, VirtualBox, Windows (3.x, 9x, CE, ME, NT, XP, 20xx, 7, 8, 10), Xen and X-Windows

Enterprise Applications

Apache Kafka, SSL Web Server, Tomcat Application Server and Zookeeper, AIX Firewall and Web Server, Bacula, BEA WebLogic, Bro, Checkpoint Firewall-1, CiscoWorks, Django, ElasticSearch, F5 BigIP, Graylog, Hewlett-Packard OpenView, IIS, iPlanet, Kerberos, Kibana, Legato Networker, Lighttpd, Lucent QIP, MongoDB, MySQL, Nagios, Netegrity SiteMinder, Netsaint, Netscape Enterprise, FastTrack and LDAP Servers, Nginx, Novell BorderManager, NetWare and DirXML, OpenLDAP, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SiteMinder, Splunk, Sybase and Zabbix



Salient CRGT

Chicago, Illinois


•     Fulfil Senior Cyber Security Specialist role for VA hospitals.

•     Technologies include those below with the addition of SolarWinds and Cisco Firepower.

•     Responsibilities include configuration review, recommendations and brokering Change Management procedures.


Take 2 Consulting

Chicago, Illinois


•     Fulfil Senior Security Engineer role for VA hospitals.

•     Technologies include Cisco and Palo Alto firewalls, Splunk and its Enterprise Security application.

•     Responsibilities include configuration review, information systems architectural design and recommendations.


University of Illinois

Urbana Champaign, Illinois

Senior IT Security Engineer

•     Design and implement security monitoring and reporting systems.

•     Administer and support department *nix systems.

•     Participate in automation of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

•     Primary resource for massive SIEM, including Bro, rsyslog and Splunk.

•     Participate in security systems and network architecture and implementation.


iPhoNetics International

New York, NY - ShangHai, China

Partner, Consultant

•     Design and implement cloud security architecture for global clients from health care to managed service providers.

•     Fulfil Chief Information Officer role for Non-Governmental Organizations.

•     Responsible for business tasks including articles of organization, accounting structure, publicity and banking relationships.

•     Negotiate with other consultants over appropriate resourcing by skill set and financial considerations.

•     Staff engagements from UNIX, network and systems architecture and implementation to SiteMinder troubleshooting and training.


Credit Suisse First Boston

New York, NY

Assistant Vice President

•     Responsible for the global enterprise SiteMinder upgrade, from project planning and documentation to serving as a resource in the implementation.

•     Implement and administer enterprise web infrastructure, including WebLogic, iPlanet and LDAP.

•     Configure and support SSL VPNs globally.



IBM Global Services

New York, NY

Systems Integrator

•     Responsible for the separation of Mount Sinai and NYU Medical Center UNIX web, middle-ware and back-end infrastructures as part of the outsourcing of their IT functionality.

•     Participating in planning for division of all other UNIX based services, including QIP, Firewalls, network monitoring, DNS and the F5s.

•     Still responsible for most of the below, but in an outsourced relationship.



Mount Sinai Hospital/NYU Medical School

New York, NY

UNIX Engineer

•     Configure and document Legato Networker enterprise backup system.

•     Configure and administer redundant Checkpoint Firewall-1 clusters.

•     Administer, configure and troubleshoot numerous (2.5-2.8) Solaris systems and their associated applications including Oracle, QIP and WebLogic.

•     Administer, configure and troubleshoot F5 BigIP clusters.



Technology Alliance Group

Phoenix, AZ

Senior Engineer

•     Design and implement Cisco Based LANs, MANs and WANs, including IPSec.

•     Administer InterShop Apache SSL E-commerce web-servers on Solaris.

•     Consult with clients regarding company missions as regard Internet presence and corporate interconnectivity and enable these goals.



InfiNetways Incorporated

Phoenix, AZ

Director of Data Center Services

•     Design and implement Cisco Routed and Switched LANs, MANs and WANs.

•     Regularly meet with other senior management regarding strategic direction of corporation and relay pertinent goals to my group.

•     Consult with clients regarding company missions as regard Internet presence and enable these goals.



MicroAge Advanced Systems Group

Tucson, AZ

Managing Engineer

•     Participate in strategic technological decisions and delegate systems engineering tasks.

•     Determine technical staff training requirements and aptitudes.

•     Consult with marketing regarding both strategic direction and day to day needs analases and implementations

•     Maintain vendor relationships.



National Lightning Detection Network

Tucson, AZ

Archive Specialist

•     Administer Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, Windows and DOS systems.

•     Troubleshoot X.25 VSAT network and coordinate repair with field service and site managers.

•     Use a combination of UNIX and proprietary software to create Lightning Strike Reports in several formats for numerous clients.



Pima Community College

Tucson, AZ

CAD/CAM Lab Manager

•     Configure, troubleshoot and administer LANtastic LAN and AutoCAD systems.

•     Manage lab assistants.

•     Co-ordinate with college administration and other lab managers.



Pima Community College

Tucson, AZ

Lab assistant, Academic Computing Center

•     Administer Macintosh, Windows and DOS systems.

•     Assist users with applications and our proprietary menu system.

•     Specialize in security, both as an expert on our menu system and on viruses.




•     Course work in Computer Science including: UNIX Operations, NOVELL NetWare and Advanced C Programming (8/1983-5/1994), Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona. GPA 3.72

•     Course work in Music (1/1989-6/1991), University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. GPA 4.00

•     AFA with Honors in Music Theory and Composition: 6/1992, Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona.

•     Course work in Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert track including Advanced Cisco Router Configuration, Cisco Internetwork Design and Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (3/1997-5/1997), Protocol Interface Inc., San Mateo, California. Have passed CCIE written exam.

•     Course work in SUN Solaris workstation and network administration and Competency 2000 workgroup (4/2000-9/2000). Have passed Competency 2000 workgroup, Solaris workstation administration and Solaris network administration exams

•     Course work in DirXML (9/2001-11/2001).  Have passed ‘Directory and Database Integration Using DirXML’ exam.

•     Course work in Project Management (5/2005), Learning Tree International, New York, New York.

•     Master of Science with Merit in Computer Security (12/2012), University of Liverpool, Liverpool.

•     Advanced Postgres Administration (04/2015), University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

•     Course work in Change Management (05/2015), University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

•     Lean Concepts (06/2015), University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

•     Splunk Power User track (03/2016), I2/

•     Splunk .conf (09/2016), Orlando, FL.

•     Shibboleth Implementation (10/2016), University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

•     Palo Alto Networks Firewall 7.1 Installation, Management and Configuration (1/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness and Rules of Behavior (1/2017), VA TMS, Chicago.

•     Privacy and HIPAA Training (1/2017), VA TMS, Chicago.

•     Palo Alto Networks Firewall 7.1 Manage Cyberthreats (1/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     Palo Alto Networks Firewall 7.1 Debug and Troubleshooting (2/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     Information Security and Privacy Role-Based Training for System Administrators (3/2017), VHA, Chicago.

•     Information Security and Privacy Role-Based Training for Network Administrators (3/2017), VHA, Chicago.

•     Using Splunk 6.3 (5/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     Splunk Data Administration (6/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     Splunk System Administration (6/2017), Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago.

•     Export Controls (8/2017), Salient CRGT, Chicago

•     Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Compliance (8/2017), Salient CRGT, Chicago



•     Certified NetWare 4.x Engineer

•     Certified Solaris 2.x Workstation Administrator

•     Certified Solaris 2.x Network Administrator

•     IBM Certified Solutions Expert-AIX Firewall

•     IBM Certified Specialist-AIX Version 4.X Support

•     IBM Certified Specialist-Web Server for RS/6000

•     Palo Alto Accredited Configuration Engineer

•     Splunk Certified Administrator

•     Splunk Certified Power User

•     Splunk Certified User

•     SUN Competency 2000, Workgroup