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Dharma Punks

Migration to cloud was nearly complete. Now it's cloudy. A few links may be broken. Be so kind as to report, I may be so kind as to repair. The stuff on soundcloud's on soundcloud at any rate. Some's also on Number One Music FWIW.

You are listening to some random cover. Perhaps me, perhaps some bandlike phenomena in which I collaborated. Regardless, I'll stream something else every time you visit. Check back, might hear something you like eventually.

You will not hear music like this anywhere else on earth. Is that a good thing? you be the judge... if'n yer brave. or bored. Masochistic prolly wouldn't hurt neither. Heh. Grok?

If anything fails to load, reload it.


All material ©copyleft Matthew A. Mairs except "Fear Is A Man's Best friend" ©copyright John Cale and whatever's streaming.

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