In just a bit we will be leaving by the millions
But for now we are still learning our lessons
The same damned lessons we've been learning since we're born
And Lyvia Zavinia's not coming home this morn

Why did they rape the women in front of their families?
Can human beings be such enemies?
Frankly it's getting goddamned hard to find a reason to stay
And Lyvia Zavinia won't be coming home today

Would it be better to die?  She knows
But there can be no reason why, so it goes
Don't expect we damned to ever get it right
Just remember that Lyvia can't come home tonight

The Ballad of

I wish the world were a better place
But I see you gettin' chills from the look on my face
So I wonder why it takes so long for you to understand
Just what is meant by this thing in my hand

Alas I am afraid that time is running out
The hour comes nigh that you see what it is about
Please apprehend that it is no fault of your own
That it is now at hand an' our truth must be shown

I trust that this doesn't fall on dead ears
Though I promise yet that time does grow near
If there's no fate worse than death what is it you fear?
Have I made myself finally perfectly clear?

I wish that we lived in better times
But I don't see you learnin' to read between the lines
Until you smile that smile that cuts like a knife
That might be all it takes to end this life

I trust that I hold your heart an' my wraith
E'en though it destroy their lone source of faith
Victory's mine and one less soul is saved
Now, if you don't mind, return to your grave

Night Is The Color

Night is the color of my black and poisoned heart
Night is the color
Night is the color of my black and poisoned heart
Night is the color
It is the color of my heart
It is the color of my heart
Night is the color of my heart
It is the color of my...

Half Steps
(Music by Eric Snyder, words
co-written by Eric Snyder)

Gone are the times
I thought my soul worth saving
Nought but my crimes
Nothing remains
Of what little good I did
Eternal stains
Was that my soul?

One whole step from heaven
A half step from hell
I'd run from the devil
But he pays me too well
A whole step from heaven
One half step from hell
Feelin' no pain but
What's that burning smell?

See How You Are

I'm lazy.  This moved in from the Other page a while ago, but it's still a solo version: .wav 1 2 3 or .mp3 1 2 3
Now has it been the source of some consternation
Or has it been the cause of some elation?
Sometimes you might even think that I give a damn
That is until you see how I am

I know it's been the cause of some confusion
But the words are often more than subterfuge and
I don't think I have ever done very well wishing on their star
At least now I get to see how they are

I am very sorry if this fails to burst your bubble
But I am not sorry if it's worth less than the trouble
I am sorry if your vision didn't go this far
You are sorry for nothing-see how you are?

Bit by Bit

This is hubris. The Mannwitch version is forthcoming ASAP.
wav or mp3

Bit by bit and piece by piece
All matter break and motion cease
Piece by piece and bit by bit
All life consumed and turned to shit now

This song is about power
How we all scream in our last hour

Inch by inch and mile by mile
I'd slit my wrists to see you smile
Mile by mile and inch by inch
A port in a storm, a do in a pinch and then

This song is about freedom
And how you must happily run

Brick by brick and wall by wall
A castle built, a castle fall
Wall by wall and brick by brick
Another day, another trick and

This song is about magic
More than one hero may be tragic


This is my heartbeat, this is my blood flow
Downward it spirals, then it's gone so
This is my story, forever alone
Never to find a place, call it home
This was my prayer, love me forever
Something I said, she'll forgive me, never

And I the place and you the time
And you explain you are not mine
Then nothing left here of their love
So fly be free, don't cry for me

This is my anger, these are my tears
This pain should last me at least a couple of years
This is my sadness, this is my rage
The years have passed and my god, how I have aged
This is my nothing, this is my void
Can't even say how much I have enjoyed

And I the place and you the time
And you explain you are not mine
So nothing left here of their love
Just fly be free, don't cry for me

Infernal Drumming

Also still hubris.
wav or mp3

If an explanation were possible I assure you one would be forthcoming
And it does grow tedious, this eternal running
But I have never been one to see my own shortcomings
Now even though I had it cauterized it still keeps on coming
I strongly suspect that we all could go home if not for this infernal drumming

The Margin of Error

The degree of precision has just been outweighed by the margin of error
And I find myself overcome with an existential terror
But if shitless I'm not scared then I'm not aware
If I'm not soaked with fear and begging to die, I'm not alive

The margin of error has just exceeded the degree of precision
And I find myself once again in an untenable decision
But you're not around, and I'm not underground
And god's in the details and heaven's in the... what the hell was that line?

The Light

Everything will come true
Everything that we do

Every time would be well spent
Every time, there it went

Everywhere that we go
Everywhere light will show

Burned to a Crisp

I don't think that.
You ready for this?
Burned to a crisp!

I have something.
I would like to tell you.
Would you believe that it's true!?!

These words have never,
Come easy to me.
Doubt my veracity!!!

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