Started this when I was there. Now I can't find it, so some memories will be fuzzy. Unless and until I find it, in which case some will be more accurate. Only a subset though, I only wrote so much and there was a lot that happened. A little bit's in lost but that bit fails to concentrate on the down and outness of it all.


Need to get paid. Jiao zi again. Retired too early. Have to sell some watches. Need to get paid. Living in a graveyard. Retired too early. Sold all the gold. Need to get paid. Retired too early.


I bitch, I moan. But rarely really hungry. Have spent very little time with the truly hungry. Really very fortunate. Could almost always afford food of some sort. Not being able to afford a variety isn't as bad as being hungry. Having to crowd onto a bus isn't the same as walking. Had to walk once or twice, but it was beautiful in it's way. Destroyed the feet, broke the back once or twice. But it was always beautiful.


If and when you have money you really should travel. Your life is short. Our species' time on this planet grows short. See the planet. See other societies. Many of the things you take for granted shouldn't be.