Sinking Ship
High the wind, and high the water
Ice the hands that guide her
Ice the hands, and ice the heart
His wrists lashed to the tiller
All things must pass
And so they shall
Pass that is
And by their passing
Shall they set us free

I told you true, now seal your lip
Else run like a Rat from a sinking ship
This too shall pass
And so it shall
Pass that is
And by it's passing
Shall it set us free

If my eyes penetrate this darkness
Tell me, will they be met by yours?
Have we been too long running?
Must we run on still more?

Running with the earth above us,
Running with the sky below our feet...

What if this wind keeps on rising?
Tell me, will it erase our paths?
Will we continue running?
Can anyone outrun the past?

If I collapse from all this running
Tell me, will you just leave me there?
Or if all this running kills me
Will you find that you even care?

Running when I saw her face turn
Running when I felt her eyes burn me
Running with the sky above us
Running with the earth below our feet
Free from running, crying when we meet

Eyes in the Back of My Head

-I love you, that's all that she said
I hit the ground with a hole in my head
In two's or threes you know they're better off dead
Now I got eyes in the back of my head

Eyes in the back of my head
Eyes in the back of my head

When you get tired of all these silly kids games
Well you can try playing life where the rules always change
Prying eyes, bedroom eyes, they wind up in bed
Now I got eyes in the back of my head

Eyes in the back of my head
Eyes in the back of my head

Well where were you when the chips were all down
Was it a vampire necrophile's night on the town?
-I drink blood, was all that she said
Now I got eyes in the back of my head

Eyes in the back of my head
Eyes in the back of my head


Sea is cold and dark, I'm swimming
Searching for some hidden meaning
Sea is dark and strong I'm swimming
Searching for my own life's beginning
Sea is strong and warm I'm swimming
Quitting all of the games is winning
Where on earth but in the water
Can you find such an ancient power
Sea is warm and clear I'm swimming
May never find it but I keep on going

Do I fit anywhere?
Can I do anything?
Where am I?  In the sea
Always will be, have been

The Blues

Boots bit dust bitten boots I walk singing the blues
Sun blasts eyes burnt by sun where it's dry, this road that I choose
Lonely eyes search for lonely eyes, I'd take her there too
Walk and bleed and walking and bleeding, singing the blues

I am sense as sense is I
How can I feel for you?

Walking the Dog

Mike can walk his, I ain't got one
Tasha don't either, maybe we'll borrow his
Walking the dog


How do I begin to tell you how I feel inside
When I know you're just here for a show
Don't you think I know
That you just want to feel a beat
And you can't here a word I say
How d'you live that way?

On stage
On stage

What else can I say to make you realize I'm for real
I just want you to love me, can't you see I feel?

On stage
On stage

Now I give it up, now I'll just give you what you want
Since you can't really see me what other choice have I got?

On stage
On stage

all material © Copyright 1985-1990 Matthew A. Mairs