Sloth formed in about 1985.  With What Went Wrong in limbo and Matt's interest and ability for the bass on the increase, he and Michael returned to the lineup they'd first tried in WWW: Mike on guitar and vocals, Matt on bass and vocals.  They were blessed with the highly, highly gifted Tasha Bundy on drums.  That girl is the most organic drummer one could hope for, as far as making those strange beats sound right.  Better than Rat.  But it slowly fell apart due to Matt's involvement in the Hose and Tasha's growing family.  Highlights were probably their shows on Mt. Lemmon and at The Pink Cadillac, although Michael might argue vehemently otherwise.  No known decent recordings survive, although Michael notes that Tasha often speaks of having some practice tapes, and claims to have heard one while visiting her.  Tasha?

Tasha Bundy, drums and vocals: A supremely talented drummer.  When Matt wrote a stupid piece in what he claimed was 87/4, she played it.  Right.  The first time.

Monkey Hendrix, guitar and vocals:  One of the two best guitarists for his age in Tucson and then Seattle since he was fifteen at least.  He can't be the one best because he has a twin brother who must have started playing at almost the exact same time.

Matt Mairs,  bass and vocals:  Sloth would straddle Matt's pre- and post-academic compositions.  It would show.  They should have made Tasha write more songs.