Nine was formed around 1984, and is an excellent case in point of why the author is always saying a band formed 'around' such a time.  It has almost always been his experience that the beginnings of a band are usually really amorphous.  There is little commitment between members at first, it usually takes a while to come up with a few sets and there's often no name.  Is it a band?  Will it become a band?  Will that band survive long enough to play out or even, miracle of miracles, record?  Often times not.  But Nine did survive, although they did wind up firing Matt's ex-wife and hiring another drummer.  The other stringed half of this power trio was the notorious Montaigneous Funk.  She might have taken a lesson or two on bass from Matt in the early days, but she certainly has her own voice on that fretless Fender.  And hiring Dave made that band.  He's a great, solid Rock and Blues drummer, and between them they filled out nicely for whatever the Hagstrom lacked.  Although some of Matt's songs were almost wothwhile.  It was while playing with Nine at The Cellar that the author smashed that guitar, actually.  History, history...

Dave, drums:  Awesome drummer, Expect him to be working professionally somewhere if he wants to be.

Montaigneous Funk, bass: Likewise.

Matt Mairs, guitar and vocals: Yada yada yada.  Read the songs.