It creeps in like the fog
It seeps in like the fog
Floating tendrils of fog
So lay down now dead dog
Necrosis, necrosis

Now you lay in the ground
Now I rot in the ground
Now we can rest in the ground
Now the silence all sound
Necrosis, necrosis...

So totally free
Just utterly free
You always said you wanted to be free
It sure feels good to me
Necrosis, necrosis!


I tried to take my girl out to dinner
I was confronted with the image of my own innards
It's such a downer

Then I tried to give my girl a kiss
I was confronted with a vision of my teeth sans lips
It's such a downer

I tried to take my girl to bed
But my original face wouldn't get off my head
It's such a downer

All work © 2000, Matthew Mairs

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