Shut Down

What I did with some friends these past 33 months.

What now?

Xin nian kuai le!

Nihilism gets a bad rap

Abject Scumbaggery

Mobile was the future...

Happy labor day morons (warning adult language?)!

Spaaace Maadnessss

Persistence of Vision

This watch has better specs...

In the beginning was the end

Itchy Fingers

Ain't no accountin' for nothin'

Wholly Shucking Fit!

The view from the zoo

Resumption of Fission

Very well, thank you

Geek out in a Moonage Daydream

Happy Valentine's Day!

Life Goes On

When The Compass Needle Spins


Noam, say it ain't so!



What time izzit?

Somewhere Between Philly and Delaware


Another Country Heard From

Rampant Experimentationalism

Shoe Prime - *thump*

What you are seeing does not exist

All the world a stage

Keep Your Sense of Humor

Slurryarhystic Billow

Allah Ist Gut

Here ya go...

My mistake


Wreckless Endangerment

Who shivs a git?

How much danger am I in?

Handy, man

Extraordinary Rendition

All quite on the eastern front?

Crying woof again?

Shut Down

Done for now. Go buy a book. After we sell sufficient I might return to this avocation.